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слова песни I will find the way (Emin)

You know, I still think about you,
I try to keep it cool and I pretend
That life is easy without you
I am just so mad, we had to part,

It doesn’t really matter now,
I dream about you, all the time
I wish we could change certain things,
But that’s not the case so we move on,

I believe I am ready now
I just think it’s time
To say the words I meant to say
To tell you what’s been on my mind

All the things that I have done
And everything I’ve said
I just think it’s time to bond
So don’t you look away

Don’t you see
We came this far,
You have to stay
And I will always find the way
Find the way

Every now and then
I try to be a friend
You’re pushing me away
You aren’t any help

I know It’s easy to remember
Not that easy to forget
I think I might go mad
If you don’t forgive me

Listen now I’ll be clear
And I’ll explain on where I stand
It’s been a while since you’ve been near
And I have missed a friend

I was almost back on track
And everything seemed fine
Now I need to take you back
You know that you are mine

слова песни I will find the way (Emin)

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