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слова песни Up to you (Emin)

I can always be a friend
Or I can be a stranger.
It is up to you.

I can always understand,
If you choose not to be my angel,
Cause it is up to you.

I don't want you to pretend,
That there is any chance.
I'll stop missing you.

I don't want you to believe.
That I can be a friend,
If that's not true.

My life without you
Is an endless road,
I cannot bear.

Cause I'm in love with you
And I need you to be close to me forever.

I didn't choose to love you,
I simply know I do.
That's not up you.

I didn't choose to want,
To sit around and wonder,
If you will love me too.

And I am so glad,
That I am so mad,
Always needing you.

You're always in my head.
I know it sounds sad,
There's nothing I can do.

слова песни Up to you (Emin)

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