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слова песни Emojis (Chief Keef)

Since steppin' like emojis
She like to text emojis
I sent er a emoji
Like don't call my phone please!
No I don't like Macaroni
No you can't cook it fo me
That bitch make me wish I neva made that song
She get the Stalkin Trophy!
Ballin bitch I'm Kobe
You ain't ballin' I don't know you
Damn bitch who knows it, please don't ..
.. my hoes emojis, till I .. don't blow me
I'm smokin' OG, I don't f*ck with no G
And emojis, emojis, it feels like testing hoes and
So I send emojis emojis emojis
Now it's .. emojis emojis emojis
I know she runx emojis

She text me her ass thing,
I sent back emojis, don't like conversation
Bitch you must I know me emojis, emojis
Bitches love emojis
But I never sent too much 'cause I just say emojis
Smoking so much dope, got them ..
A hundred tags bags so the hoes call it for me
And when I text back .. only wanna be emojis, emojis, emojis
I only use emojis,

.. so I sent emojis,
Emojis emojis, and now it's time emojis emojis
I know she runs emojis,
Emojis emojis I'ma hit emojis
Emojis emojis .. emojis emojis emojis
I just .. emojis
Emojis emojis .. emojis

слова песни Emojis (Chief Keef)

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