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слова песни Thing about love (Jessi Malay)

The thing about love it can really break you down
Swear you've had enough, here it comes back around
Ooh oh oh
You give in all you've got, but tell me what the lose
'Cause when it comes down to it
Why am I the one to lose?

You say you need space, and I'm tryina look away
But you pull me back
And when I need you to stay
You are never there for me, why you treat me like that?!
I know you want me back
But I ain't lookin' at
'Cause bay when I'm gone, it's done
I only do this for fun, I gotta let you go
It's time I stick it to my guns
Baby we had our chance, we blew it
Now we won't stand here looking foolish
See, that's the thing about love, it's hard to give it up
Even when it falls apart!


слова песни Thing about love (Jessi Malay)

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