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слова песни Lioness (Виктория Дайнеко)

Wild as I like,
Got my heals on looking fly.
No I'm not myself tonight,
But i'll be his lioness.

When he calls me,
I come running to him faster then a Jet,
Be the best he's ever had.
I'll be his lioness..

Oh oh oh.
I'm putting my best dress on,
Only to take it off for you baby,
Only to take it off for you.

Oh oh oh.
I'ma do whatever you want,
I'm gonna give it up to you baby,
I'm gonna give all up to you.

I’m gonna sink my teeth into you heart,
And never let you go.
I'm running wild and free to where you are,
Boy can you hear me.
Boy can you hear me roar..

I'll be a lady.
He can introduce to his friends,
But when the night ends.
I'll be his lioness.

Laying down my tracks.
Just to catch him in this trap.
Till there ain’t no going back.
I'll be his lioness.

You know i can be a bad girl.
Tonight imma let it all go.
Your touch bringing up the wild side in me.
Making me feel alive.

слова песни Lioness (Виктория Дайнеко)

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