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слова песни Porcelai (Виктория Дайнеко)

Wrapped up too tight over protected.
Because you think I'm easily broken.
You treat me like porcelain.

Wish you would loosen up the straps.
And let me breathe.
I'm too caught in you.
And i can't see me.
You treat me like porcelain.

I wanna feel alive.
Free from this mould.
Don’t wanna be held down here,
Hostage to your hold.

So you got to let me go,
Cuz i don't wanna break you.
Your Love is like Porcelain Material.
Boy i'm gonna smash, you apart.
Into a thousand pieces.

See me fall to ground,
In slow motion.
Painted tears on my checks like they're frozen,
With no emotion at all.
I'm porcelain.

You painted a picture.
You wanted to see,
A Porcelain Doll.
But thats just not me any more.
Just like shattered glass on a floor.

слова песни Porcelai (Виктория Дайнеко)

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