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слова песни Voodoo (Виктория Дайнеко)

In the dark,
Talking to myself again.
Slowly going crazy.
How did I let you back again.

Now I'm in your arms,
Can't stop this euphoria,
My heart keeps on beating.
Double time it keeps on beating.

And I don't know if its love,
Or some kinda black,
Some kinda black magic.

Cuz I was lost in the dark.
But your love just set me free.
And I can't even be myself any more.
Cuz you got a hold on me.

Boy you got me like.

Take me,
And I'm a follow your lead,
Tell me where you wanna go.
Any destinations possible.

Like a drug,
What you give me i can't get enough.
And i keep on fiending.
Baby boy fiending.

Love#drunk can stop.
Boy I’m trowing my hands up.
I’m loving the voodoo you do.

Heart Racing, pulse racing.
Boy you got me going crazy.
I’m loving the voodoo you do.

слова песни Voodoo (Виктория Дайнеко)

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