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слова песни WATCH ME (Night Lovell)

Ayo, the renegade never die
We just multiply, errthing good
Night Lovell

All these bitches want me 'cause I'm better than their nigga now
All these niggas try to fucking kill me but they don't know how
Stay out of my business, all you nosy niggas slow me down
I don't love no bitch 'cause all these bitches on the table now
Watch me
Take your brain if you take it back you got me
You insane so we left you in the lobby
Can't complain 'cause she suck my dick so sloppy
She said try to stop me, yeah

Dem bwoi haffi know seh we nuh tek part inna dark
Dem bwoi haffi know seh a we shine the light inna dark
Dem bwoi haffi know seh we make the pitbull-dem bark

Take you to the dance, you my baby for the day
Touching on my pants, then I'll let you lead the way
Baby, take my hand, girl, I'll take you to the bay
Your nigga take my bands then I'll cut him in his face
If you try to knock me down, I'll doggystyle your baby
I've been spending too much of this fucking money lately
I suggest you stay inside your crib, it's for your safety
Slide with crazy niggas and they snipe you for my safety
I don't know your face and I can't let you in, ayy
Don't try calling JJ, he won't let you in
Crazy lady, I don't know you, bitch, who let you in?
She say that I fucked her crazy, we should text again
You so stupid
Say you like my friend, bitch, do I look like Cupid?
This your nigga, what the fuck he really doing?
If you say you got a nigga, why they booing?
Leave that boy fuming, ayy

Ayo, Shottawa
Some cold winter, freeza, ha
Don't freeze up, can't get no cooler
Them not ready fi starve people, not the broad people


слова песни WATCH ME (Night Lovell)

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