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слова песни Make Your Choice (Poltergeist)

Did you ever ask
What this all means

Did you ever sk
Why this all seems so meaningless

Will you ever
Know the truth
Will you always
Take the rough with the smooth

Nobody ever can tell you more
Than you know from thinking about it

Nobody ever can sell the truth
'coz nobody has the answers

In this world we live in
It's better you don't think about

But when you're alone
Who will help you to take your doubts

If there's any god
Why he leaves you alone

Is he def or blind
Or why does he hurt you so

You don't even have a friend
You want nothing more
Than bring these thoughts to an end

The whole life is so meaningless
You've got two things to choose

The first one would be suicide
But you don't know what you loose
The other thing's forget it all
But it's easier said than done
So make your choice and hope you're right
You know this is no fun


You don't know what you have to do
You didn't decide yet
Youll go insane if you try to forget
There's no place for you to hide

слова песни Make Your Choice (Poltergeist)

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