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слова песни Shooting Star (Poltergeist)

Fallin' to earth
Through the dark empty space
Look to the sky
Death has so many faces

Soon I will burn
In the earth's atmosphere
See my life pass
Asking me why I'm here...

Driftin' further
Alone here in the darkest space
Why does this happen to me

Fallin' to the earth
Can't stop this fall
Misery is all I've got
To live...

No more
Will to live
I don't care
I will burn
Into the atmosphere

Oh lord save me
Why don't you hear me

Now I know
I'm just folled again
Noone can help
Can save me from this pain

See my life now
I know I'll miss so much
Soon it's over
I wish there's something

слова песни Shooting Star (Poltergeist)

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