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слова песни No Sanctuary (Queensryche)

Music by: Chris DeGarmo
Lyrics by: Geoff Tate

There's a certain feeling
Known to all who hear the sound
The call of morning rising
You're in a mystic space
Can't you feel the force embrace, the chill of the wind
As it names you

Oh, can't you see the lies in front of you
Your journey ends so far, and still the distance
Spins round and round you
Now you cry - give me sanctuary
You scream but no one listens
Again you cry - give me sanctuary
Until the end I'll fight and die, to be free
Oh! No sanctuary

You're walking halfway in
But crawling halfway out
There's a void in your mind that you cling to
You feel lost in time, you've got no words to rhyme
No more charms, no more spells to protect you

Oh can't you see the lies in front of you

слова песни No Sanctuary (Queensryche)

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