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слова песни The Nightwinds (Setherial)

Through the nightwinds as demons rips the sky.
A somber field arises. In blackened night,
my body is possessed. The earth; aflame for Satan.
Firestorm; over empires forlorn.
Darkness calls, the demons rejoice.
Through the nightwinds... Satan; in hell awaits.
The angel dies as Satan devour their blood.
The hordes of hell rejoicing, as daylight dies the soil turns red;
aflame. Creation ends for Satan...

Satan through flames arrives-darkness prevails.
Omniscient Lord-creation ends in pain.
When the night cloaks my thoughts, and by nightwinds,
I'm embraced. When the mist is coloured red,
and the moon is on the rise.
When the chill bites my skin, I ride the winds of death.
When the shadows haunts the night, I'm the sword of Satan.

Satan; thine throne set upon earth.
Omnipotent Lord; The darkness claps the world,
Infernal; thy flame - the world set aflame,
Infernal; thy flame - the earth set aflame.

Through the nightwinds as demons rips the sky.
A sombre field arises, In blackened night my body is possessed.
My soul aflame for Satan.

слова песни The Nightwinds (Setherial)

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