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слова песни I'll Never Stop Loving You (Britney Spears)

They say in this world
Nothing lasts forever
But i don't believe that's true
'cause the way that i feel
When we're together
I kno that that's the way
I'll always feel for you

From now until forever
That's how long i'll be true
I will make u this vow
And promise u now
Until forever
I'll never stop (never stop) loving you

There'll come a day
When the world stops turning
And the stars will fall from the sky
But this feeling will last
When the sun stops burning
All i wanna do is love you,
Till the end of time

(repeat chorus)

It's gonna take more than a lifetime
To give u all the love (all the love)
All the love i feel for you tonight.

(repeat chorus 2x)

Until forever, i'll never stop loving... you....

слова песни I'll Never Stop Loving You (Britney Spears)

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