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слова песни Laila (Виктория Дайнеко)

She is walking down the street
Under the sunlight.
And every man is looking her.
And every man have fallen in love with her.

She rules over you.
She"s like a warm wave.
She"s beauty.
She"s a Sea Goddess.

Chorus: Laila, don"t touch anyone.
Laila, don"t fall in love.
Laila, you"re eyes-two drops of rain-
Are dark blue like the sea,
Are dark blue like the sea,
Are dark blue like the sea.


She is shining like the sun
All day long.
She is like a chocolate.
She is attractive.
She is dancing here.
She is a Sea Goddess.
She is yours.


слова песни Laila (Виктория Дайнеко)

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